brianmiller | Applied Movement No Comments 10th October 2016

CALLING ALL BODY WORKERS, PERSONAL TRAINERS AND PHYSIOTHERAPISTS MANUAL MUSCLE TESTING ANALYSIS Enhance your practice with simple yet highly effective techniques using manual muscle testing analysis Learn how to evaluate correctly the root cause of pain, prevent injuries and restore mobility in joints quickly deal with frozen shoulders, lower-back spasm, foot and knee pain don’t…

brianmiller | Applied Movement No Comments 14th January 2016

Let’s imagine you go to the Doctor and the Doctor shines a light into your eyes. The eye should respond to the input or challenge of a bright light hitting the retina, the nervous system would respond and inform muscles to act to close down the pupil and to restrict the light to a more…

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Mineral Synergy

Just a reminder of the need for minerals and that no one mineral acts alone and the need for a selection of mineral dense foods and or supplementation is necessary for health

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Fight or Fly

When stressed fight or fly kicks in automatically, first action i Flexor tendon and calf represent first action of stress and in stressful condition a tight tendon and calf will signal that your in stress reaction and release all relevant hormones and stress reactions. so releasing the structure must be accompanied with re setting the…

brianmiller | Applied Thinking No Comments 8th January 2016

What are you feeling? Think about it, Now, how do you know? Think about that! Well it will be a combination of various muscle tensions representing the set of circumstances prevailing at the time and that’s what is being felt. We learn feelings and emotions because we repeat circumstances and therefore repeat muscle tensions and…

brianmiller | Applied Thinking No Comments 8th January 2016
Personal Lifestyle

A lot of so called normal allowances are set by financial constraint e.g., blood pressure now the normal as one ages is higher than years ago, blood sugar response, vitamin and mineral status, more and more allowance to the norms are happening because function, health and performance criteria are being reduced to the average, which…