A lot of so called normal allowances are set by financial constraint e.g., blood pressure now the normal as one ages is higher than years ago, blood sugar response, vitamin and mineral status, more and more allowance to the norms are happening because function, health and performance criteria are being reduced to the average, which always accommodates the lower or worst case and often the financial criteria

Understanding that specific muscle test responses are available for very many of our lifestyle challenges, that muscle testing knowledge gives us an analytical tool by which we can evaluate our lifestyle choices against a desired outcome. Brian Miller, a registered personal trainer, Kinesiologist and NLP practitioner who has been working with people from all walks of life on an individual basis for 20 years says “as a unique individual with a unique physiology and unique personal history, you cannot fit into the one size fits all approach. If you can be persuaded that you are the same as everybody else then money can be made from you joining clubs, conforming to advertisements etc. and when it fails it must be your fault for not conforming to their norm”.

As he says if your goal is to be normal then it’s the wrong goal most normal people are ill. In my experience working physically, nutritionally and mentally with thousands of clients each person was an individual and when I respected that, they got well and fit and healthy. I have a private centre and studio and work with clients on an hourly, daily or residential basis with programmes designed to suit the clients’ individual preferences and requirements.

There is a very simple rule to follow…

If you want to be healthy find someone who is healthy and copy them. So many advisors do not follow their own advice. Being as healthy as possible is our goal and everything else follows on. Having useful information, the emphasis being on useful, for you personally and useful and fruitful goals, which are yours personally will allow you to create your own supporting philosophy which will maintain your own achievements as you go on.



Applied Thinking


8th January 2016