Applied Muscle Testing Analysis

8 Day Course over Four Weekends


Applied Muscle Testing Analysis

post-3-1Better Body Management Courses include seminars in the most up-to-date testing and analysis techniques of Applied Muscle Testing Analysis (AMTA).
They also draw on information and research from all forms of therapeutic work: medicine, neurology, osteopathy, chiropratic, homoeopathy, nutrition, N.L.P, psychotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, body and energy work etc. Systematic Kinesiology is the synthesis of many approaches into a format of knowledge that can be readily accessed in relation to achieving and maintaining healthy body/mind function.

AMTA is gentle, non-intrusive, manual muscle testing. A client based method of analysing function responses. The correlation of that information into unique and individual information protocols, addressing in clear and simple terms the cause and prevention of all manner of lifestyle problems.

post-3-2The seminars are designed for all of those who are genuinely interested in and enjoy revealing more of their potential. The information is presented in a format that allows the techniques to be used immediately and does not restrict the benefits of those techniques until the end of the course. It is reasonably intensive however the structure is such that sufficient time is created for practice and participation. The course is both practical and theoretical, allowing all abilities to benefit, and the most efficient use of your time.

Course Length: 8 Day Course over Four Weekends


Let me introduce you to these organisations all of which I represent, contribute to and can vouch for for training as a systematic kinesiologist (this is a new approach in creating kinesiology therapists in UK) for post grad training in colonic hydrotherapy as certified by Institute of professional colon hydrotherapy. for treatments in London and residential detox retreats in France.