Enhance your practice with simple yet highly effective techniques
using manual muscle testing analysis
Learn how to evaluate correctly the root cause of pain, prevent injuries and restore mobility in joints
quickly deal with frozen shoulders, lower-back spasm, foot and knee pain
don’t work with structural compensations know how to assess priority and address also underlying hormonal dysfunctions that may be driving.
Tune into the neurological pathways that control gait mechanisms and posture
Reduce joint stress and improve performance by correctly treating trigger points, golgi tendons and spindle cells
Know when to use nutrition and what kind to support health and recovery
Clear tissue memory from scars, old injuries and surrounding fascia
Correctly identify and clear emotional patterns and trauma responsible for pain
Instantly diagnose if a food is causing a problem
Learn to use reflexes to aid lymphatic flow and fascia cleansing
Save time and identify priority dysfunctions over compensations
Elegantly motivate your clients reach their goals with neuro-muscular re-patterning techniques

… and much more

The course is designed specifically for therapists.
It is intensive but presented in a easy to understand easy to apply fashion.
you will be able to use the techniques you learn immediately after each weekend

It is my wish to reach out and support genuine practitioners who are committed to enhancing the health and well-being of their clients.
My approach is gleaned over many years of practice, studying and learning. i believe that the sharing of information should not be unduly expensive and this is reflected in the price of the course.
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Applied Movement


10th October 2016